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          Gansu Jinyuantai New material Co., Ltd.


          Yancheng Hongyan Chemical Co.,Ltd.


          1. Corporate culture

          The company has always adhered to the tenet of "energy saving and consumption reduction, environmental protection and sustainable development", adhered to the corporate culture of "no matter how hard it is, don’t give up, no matter how tired you are", and adhere to the basic principles of "environmental protection red line, safety bottom line", Under the business philosophy of "efficiency", we will proceed steadily.
          "Ten years of business rely on management, 100 years of business rely on culture", the company from Yancheng Hongyan Chemical Co., Ltd. to today's Gansu Jinyuantai New Material Co., Ltd. has accumulated a profound corporate culture in the course of twenty years of development. The people of Jinyuantai use their burning passion to compose a splendid chapter of history.
          The realization of corporate culture inheritance is by no means a matter of overnight. It requires the unremitting struggle of several generations of Jinyuantai people. In addition to inheriting and carrying forward the advanced and excellent corporate culture, we also need to continue to innovate and create. Because the times are progressing, the economy is developing, and competition is intensifying. In the era of information economy, innovation is the soul of a company's survival and development, and it is also the only way to adapt to the social changes of the times. Only by continuously pioneering, enterprising, inventing, and innovating, and maintaining vigorous and upward vitality, can an enterprise remain invincible.

          2. Sustainable development

          Human activities and development continue to put pressure on the environment, leading to increasingly fragile ecosystems. How to balance economic development and environmental protection has become a common challenge facing mankind on the road to sustainable development.
          The company firmly believes in the importance of sustainable development. While we continue to implement our corporate vision and mission, we also always remember to be a responsible corporate citizen.
          The company attaches great importance to sustainable development and responsible care. We voluntarily accept public supervision, earnestly fulfill our social responsibilities, promote sustainable development, implement "responsible care", and practice the "SHEQ&C first" corporate values.
          We always adhere to the "three-in-one" ISO management system integrated operation, through internal and external management system audits and national safety production standardization certification, making the company's management system increasingly perfect.
          "Responsible Care" is a global action initiated by the chemical industry to continuously improve its performance in the fields of environmental protection, safety and health.

          Occupational safety

          The company implements an occupational health and safety management system that has passed the OHSAS18001 international certification, which manages the occupational safety of all employees in the operation process to ensure that daily operations meet the requirements of occupational safety. The system covers job risk assessment, safety incentives, contractor management, and safety management systems.

          Occupational Health

          We provide employees with regular physical examinations and various occupational protective measures.

          Process safety

          For new projects, the company regularly conducts multi-step SHE reviews, systematically assesses potential risks and takes effective control measures.

          Product Supervision

          All the company's products comply with all regulations and requirements related to chemicals in China and countries where they are exported, and strictly control all the company's chemicals.

          Transport safety

          The company selects high-quality contractors, carries out dangerous goods door inspection, loading and unloading inspection, to ensure that our products are properly transported and delivered to customers safely.

          Emergency Response

          We conduct risk assessments at each critical time point of production activities, and establish corresponding preventive measures and emergency response procedures accordingly to ensure that relevant personnel are professionally trained to truly prevent problems before they occur.

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